Kids Boxing Classes

Youth Signature Boxing Classes

For Kids Ages 12 -15 years old.
This class 100% focused on getting you better at boxing—a cardiovascular workout with defensive drills, footwork, boxing stance, building combos, and technique.

You’ll build stamina, strength & endurance using bodyweight, toning the entire body. We recommend youth signature boxing for beginners.

A 60-minute workout will consist of 15-minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises, eight 3- three-minute rounds on the heavy bag, 45 seconds of rest between each round, and 15-minutes of core/stretch exercises. Get started with a workout that genuinely targets every area of the body and is tailored for teenagers.


Self Esteem

Boxing trainers are constantly encouraging our fighters and giving them positive affirmations. We are committed to pushing your child to be the best they can be. Simply ensuring a kid that we believe in them is the motivation they need and what they will receive when they step into the gym.


Boxing requires a tremendous amount of focus since it is a physically demanding sport. Our trainers teach a variety of combos that test your child's mental strength to the max! Children who are consistently physically active maintain better concentration when given challenges so these benefits are also reflected in the classroom!

Improve Athletic Abilities

Boxing is the perfect balance of cardio and resistance training. You will see your child's improved athletic abilities in speed, strength, and endurance.


Kids love challenges and they are shown exactly how to overcome them in this sport. We will set small and big goals with your child and help them crush 'em!

Social Development

Your child will get to meet other kids their age in a fun environment. Your child will be able to step out of their regular circle of friends and meet new people! Most importantly, kids will get to experience memorable interactions.

A Positive Outlet

Our gym can be a safe and positive outlet for your child when they are out of the home. This is a place they can come to let out any frustrations, anxieties, or stress. We encourage each student to leave it all out on the ring.