We realize that you might be nervous or might have some questions before your first class. Here are some of the most common questions we get.

I have never boxed before, Will I Be Able To Keep Up?

Absolutely! Once we get you started, you’ll be wishing you had done this sooner! No matter what your situation is, our boxing coaches and personal trainers support and encourage you to reach your goals.

I have never boxed before, Will I Be Able To Keep Up?

Not all! Safety first! SAVARESE is all about safety first. Our boxing groups classes program, are designed for each person to have their own heavy bag and their own 6ft space to move around For anyone wishing to compete or participate in sparring, we require a USA Boxing Certification.

Do I Need To Take A Beginning Class To Start? Yes!

We require all participants to take a 30 min Intro to Boxing session, where you will learn all the basics from one of our Pro Boxers!

Do I Need To Take The Beginners Class More Than Once?

You may feel the itch to do it again! You’ll love the one on one attention from your coach! Everyone progresses at a different level and we like to make sure you are set up for our group classes.

Can I Get Started In A Boxing Class Without Taking The Beginners Class?

Yes! Learning a new activity like boxing as a hobby or for fitness entails many details. Like, hand-eye coordination and footwork. Boxing is a great way to lose weight, stay in shape, build your confidence, and feel empowered! Form and technique is something we hold true to and give our members a fun and safe effective way to do so!

I have never boxed before, Will I Be Able To Keep Up ?

All of our coaches on staff are pros, former and current upcoming fighters. They will make you feel right at home. They will wrap your hands, walk you through the basic terminology, footwork, and even tell you one of their fight stories!

What Do I Do When I Get There My First Day?

All you have to do is check-in at the front desk and we will handle everything from there! You will be greeted and guided and given a tour through our facility and take you directly to your boxing coach! You will never be left alone!

I Have Not Worked Out In A While. What Should I Expect?

One is never too old to start boxing! Stop wasting time and deciding if you should give it a try. SAVARESE FIGHT FIT is the right boxing gym for one to get started! Beginner or advanced, boxing can be accessible to any person at any age and skill level. Book your session now and make your boxing dream a reality come to life!

What Kind Of Boxing Gear Will do I Need To Get Started? To Train Like A Boxing Athlete!

A couple of things are needed are, hand-wraps, boxing gloves, and a punching bag! Lucky for you, we provide it all. Hand-wraps provide wrist protecting and give knuckles the first layer of padding. Boxing gloves, provide the ultimate padding for safety & to learn to hit like a pro!

I Have Not Worked Out In A While. What Should I Expect?

One is never too old to start boxing! Stop wasting time and deciding if you should give it a try. SAVARESE FIGHT FIT is the right boxing gym for one to get started! Beginner or advanced, boxing can be accessible to any person at any age and skill level. Book your session now and make your boxing dream a reality come to life!

Is Boxing Classes Suitable For All Levels?

Boxing training is for everyone! Whatever your age or size (lightweight, middleweight, or heavyweight), everyone can work their way up. We start our youth students as young as 5yrs old and there is no age limit for our adult sessions either!

Will I Actually Learn Boxing Techniques?

This is what we live by at SAVARESE Fight Fit. Technique. Learning the correct technique is essential to understand boxing. The first thing we do is schedule our clients with a 30 min Intro to Boxing Session. We don’t let anyone just walk into a class without the Intro! We set you up for success, teach you the boxing basics that’ll make you feel like a total badass!

How Often Should I Take Classes?

Boxing is a great way to let off steam, stay fit, sharp, and keep a lean body! The key is to progress gradually. Classes are 60 minutes long, designed to improve your strength, cardio, endurance, and technique. Depending on your boxing/fitness goals, you can train 1 to 5 times a week!

How Long Until I See a Difference From the Boxing Classes?

Boxing will help you build strong mental discipline and with a high-intensity sport like boxing, we can meet all your goals. Rest and Recovery and committing to a healthy diet, our members have lost up to 10 lbs of fat a month and gained muscle.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxing?

Boxing uses a variety of muscles at one time. You will build rapid movements improving hand, eye, coordination, and improves your cardiovascular health.
Other key benefits are:

Fat loss – Burning up to 1,300 calories per class
Muscle building
Enhances mood
Boosts endurance
Decreased Stress
Total Body Strength
Better Hand-Eye Coordination
Improved Body Composition

Will Boxing Make Me Too Muscular?

With boxing, you won’t have to fret! Boxing will tone your muscles as your train with your own bodyweight avoiding that “bulky” look and certainly won’t make you like the incredible hulk!

Will Boxing Help Me Lose Weight?

If you are looking to lose weight fast and reach your weight loss goals quicker, you’ve hit the jackpot by joining the SAVARESE FIGHT FIT community. Our fighters’ workouts burn more calories than other types of Cardiovascular exercises. Without question, our program is incredibly effective and will help you reach any goal.

How Does Boxing Help Relieve Stress?

This is a fantastic question! Scientifically, while punching the bag, your brain increases the production of endorphins. You know, that feel-good chemical in your body that can act as the body’s natural pain reliever plus happiness booster, Yes? Well by punching the bag, helps to relieve muscle tension that can collect when you experience stress, releasing emotions, causing the body to feel calm, optimistic and improve overall health. When the body feels good, the mind does too!

Why Should I Choose Boxing?

Boxing is a great way to keep active and a life skill worth picking up. However, it’s not just choosing to box, but also about where you choose to box. If you are choosing to become a fighter or using boxing as your everyday regimen, enjoying it is also crucial. Finding that community that welcomes you to the sport is also key to happiness. We have one of kind caring coaches, with high energy to push you through every single workout and the best Fight Fit family and a 98% retention rate!

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free trial class with an Intro to boxing session!

A free Warrior class, if no boxing is desired! A boxers strength and conditioning circuit workout.

I am Pregnant, Can I Participate in the Boxing Sessions?

Absolutely! Just no sparring! We’ve had members box up until 6 weeks prior to giving birth! Assuming your pregnancy isn’t high risk and cleared with your physician, you can box! And if you need to make a few modifications to the routine and ensure your safety, our coaches always demonstrate alternatives.

What Is Your Covid Protocol?

I’m glad you asked! Upon entering the facility, we require all clients to sanitize their hands, wear a face mask, and stay at least 6 feet apart from each other. We have also spread out each punching bag 6 feet apart, and assign each client to a designated box station with their own exercise equipment!
In addition:

Spread classes 1 hour apart
Disinfect before and after every class with medical-grade disinfectant
Designated entry and exit ways
Provide members with their own disinfectant spray bottles at each station
Increase hand sanitation stations
Provide free masks and gloves
Staff members require to wash hands every hour

Do You Have Youth Boxing Classes?

SAVARESE FIGHT FIT has one of the best youth boxing programs with classes almost every day of the week! We offer new workouts weekly and a tailored experience to ensure retention and boxing education. We have two age groups, the first being ages 5-11yrs and the second age group is 12 to 15yrs. Sign your child up now for an Intro as our youth program is fast growing!

How Do I Wrap My Hands?

This is such a popular question! First, hand wrapping protects against injuries, and is used to compress bones that allow you & boxers to hit with greater force than if you did not use them! We start by wrapping the wrist, then work your way up diagonally, across the palm, wrapping your knuckle, thumbs, and in between each finger. Repeat until the length of the wrap has been used, finishing with the one last strap around your wrist to secure it. However, this can take time to learn. Each fighter has a different style and way they like to wrap their hands. But not to worry! Our staff will always wrap your hand and guide you through the process!

Where Can I Purchase Hand Wraps?

You can purchase hand-wraps with us! We have all the equipment you need from day one to start your boxing journey without a hiccup!

Where Can I Purchase Boxing Gloves?

You can purchase gloves with us! We have all the equipment you need, carry all glove sizes to ensure your first day of boxing is a smooth one!



Here are some of the most common questions we get about what to expect during your boxing class.

What Do I Need To Wear To Class?

You are going to sweat! We suggest your normal workout clothing. Be prepared for a total body workout. You will be up and down in several exercises.

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear?

You do not need any special kind of boxing shoe. Normal athletic shoes are typically used and suggested.

Can I Wear My Own Headphones?

No need to wear headphones during class! We have great music playlists, programmed by our own boxers that will keep you moving to the rhythm of the class. We also have designated open gym time-slots where you can come in and hit the bag outside of the group class setting & your own headphones can come in handy if you choose to!



So you have finished your boxing class. Here are some answers to some general questions.

Are There Showers?

We do! At this time we do not offer the use of shower facilities due to COVID19 safety guidelines.

I Still Feel Insecure. Who Can Help Me?

You are not alone! Our trained front desk staff and coaches are here to help every step of the way. Boxing can seem intimidating but our goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe. Our coaches love to see their clients succeed and reach their physical fitness goals.

An alternative to signing up for group classes is private or semi-private training where you have more 1 on 1 coaching. Plus, boxing with a friend can be a fun and great way to help feel less insecure!


Frequently Asked Questions About Your Account and Scheduling?

You are ready to get started. Or you have questions about your account. Here are some of the most common questions answered.

Do I Need To Create An Account?

Yes! Our friendly front desk staff can create one for you or you have the option to download the SAVARESE FIGHT FIT App on your smartphone. It will prompt you to enter your name, email, phone number, and to create a password. Once that is done, you have access to look at membership options, what classes are available, book any class, and start the process!

How Do I See My Purchase History?

All account details can be provided by the front desk staff!

How Do I Update My Payment Method?

If you’d like to update payment information, using the app under billing information is one way and of course, our front desk is always more than willing to help update your new information!

Do I Have To Purchase A Boxing Membership?

We offer Unlimited group class memberships, A pay as you go drop-in rate, group packages, or individual private training sessions!

Do You Offer Monthly Memberships?

Yes. We offer a monthly unlimited membership, which gives you access to all our classes! You’ll be able to attend any class at any time!

Are Your Memberships Month To Month or Contract-Based?

We only offer month to month based memberships!

What If I Am Late To Training?

We recommend arriving as early as possible but if you’re running behind all you have to do is give us a courtesy call.

Can I Pay For My Boxing Classes On-Line?

Yes. Our system allows you to purchase through the website or the Savarese Fight Fit App.

Can I Use the App to Book Boxing Classes?

Yes. We recommend booking classes through the app for your convenience!

How soon before the class Do you have to be there?

We ask all clients to arrive at least five minutes before class to pick your station and wrap their hands.

What About Refunds?

If you are unhappy with a product or service, we will gladly offer a refund to clients.

How Do I Reserve A Boxing Class?

Our lovely front desk will reserve the class for you and get you set up with the equipment needed!

Do I Need To Reserve In Advance?

Yes. All reservations can be booked through the Savarese Fight Fit app or front desk!

How Do I Cancel A Class?

Canceling your reservation for the class is easy! Canceling through the app at least 6 hours in advance will allow you to remove yourself from the class. If you miss that opportunity to cancel, our front desk will gladly assist you with your cancellation needs.

How Does Waitlist Work?

When you add yourself to the waitlist after all spots have been booked, you will have eligibility to get bumped into class if a prior reservation/client has to cancel.

Do You Have Changing Rooms, Towels , etc?

Yes, we do. Our facility has two changing rooms, a shower, and complimentary towels.

When do my credits expire?

Class membership credits don’t expire. Private Training packages do have expiration dates. Those depend on the type of package you buy into. Expiration dates can vary from 1 month to 3 months.

What If I Get Called Out To Travel for Work?

No problem. We offer to hold or freeze your account for a minimum fee vs paying the entire monthly membership!



You are ready to get started. Or you have questions about your account. Here are some of the most common questions answered.

Is There a Begging Class For Kids?

We can offer an Intro session for kids as well.

How Old Do You Have To Be For a Boxing Class?

You can be as young as 5 yrs old to start boxing class.

Can I Watch My Kids Work Out?

Yes. We have a front lobby with a clear view of the kid’s class where parents sit and watch the session.

What Will My Child Do In Their Boxing Class?

Kids learn all sorts of drills like footwork, defensive moves, and punching combinations. Most importantly what boxing teaches kids is discipline, mental focus improves their physical strength and gives them a sense of power.

Should I Sign My Kid Up With Their Name Or Mine?

We can either. It’s just a matter of preference for the parent. We do ask for the parent’s email and contact information to connect it with reservation email confirmations.

Do You Have Boxing Gloves And Wraps For Kids?

Yes. We have every piece of equipment needed for purchase for your child. We have hand-wraps and 3 styles of kids’ gloves to choose from!

If I Have More That One Child Do I Need To Make A Separate Account?

Yes. Every child/person is recommended to have their own account to be able to check into class and reserve that spot for every individual attending the session.

Do You Have Private Classes For Kids?

We do offer Private Training for kids. Some students like the one on one attention from their coach and prefer to learn boxing in a private setting. Our amazing youth Director Demarkus Jones, handles all kid’s private sessions.

Does My Kid Have To Spar?

Your child does not have to spar. Our group youth classes are spar free. However, if your child is interested in Sparring, we do offer a class on Saturdays. The youth director teaches that class as well and anyone who is interested is recommended to obtain a certification through the USA boxing program.

Are Youth Classes Transferable?

All classes are non-transferable.


You are ready to get started. If you have not been to our training facility before, here are some of the most common questions answered.

What Is Your Boxing Gym Address?

4215 Bellaire Boulevard Houston, TX 77025
Parking is in the back of our building.

Do You Have Lockers?

Yes. We have lockers available to rent through the duration of your membership! However, due to COVID19, they are currently unavailable to protect your health and safety.

Do You Sell Food Or Drinks?

We sell refreshments that are available at the front desk.

Can I Purchase Or Rent Equipment?

Yes, you can purchase all the items that you need for your class in our lobby before or after class.

What If I Forgot My Water?

No worries! We have water available for purchase.

Can I Observe A Class?

Absolutely, we’d be more than happy to schedule a tour during a class session and we can sit in to watch it.

Do You Offer Corporate Events?

Yes, we do. We offer to rent out space for your event. Rates vary depending on the hours needed, which front desk is available to help and book the events for you!

Do You Offer Private Boxing Classes At Home?

We currently offer In-Home Private Training. A trainer will come to your home and deliver the same workout or tailor workout based on your fitness goals!

How Do You Sanitize Your Gym?

Savarese Fight Fit uses medical-grade disinfectant, we sanitize before and after every class with a fogger. We spray each individual piece of equipment after each use, let it sit for 15 min before wipe down. Our floors are cleaned with a Zamboni which also sprays and scrubs our floors with the medical grade disinfectant.

Do You Offer Military Discounts?

Yes. We appreciate our troops and we offer a 10 % discount to doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, and military personnel.

I Referred My Friend And They Joined, Do I Get Anything?

We appreciate anyone who has referred us to their friends and family and offer $25 dollars off the membership for joined referrals!

Is It Possible To Freeze My Membership?

Yes it is! You can freeze your membership for $20 a month for up to 3 months.

I Want To Cancel.

We prefer to always be able to work with you. No need to cancel as we understand life changes can happen. We are always more than willing to hold/freeze your account until you can return. But if you need to cancel, we understand and ask for a 30 courtesy notice to avoid payment of the next billing date.

Where Do I Park?

We have parking located behind or along the side of the building. As always ensure you do not leave valuables in your car.

Do You Have A Lost And Found?

Yes. We have a designated cabinet for all lost and found items.

Do You Have Wifi?

We do. One of the best wifi services.

Do You Host Fights?

No, we do not. We believe in safety.

Can I Rent Your Space For A Private Event?

Absolutely, you can rent out space for any type of event you’d like! Prices vary depending on the time frame and limit.