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Lou Savarese December Weigh IN

Lou's Weigh In

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family traditions are such an integral part of the season, and we thank you for working us into your busy holiday schedules!

One of my favorite family traditions is cooking fish on Christmas Eve. We fix about 6 different types of fish and sit around watching Christmas movies – my fave is Home Alone. There was a lot of illness in my family, so I stress healthy eating to my family and those around me. I think giving the gift of fitness for the holidays is one of the most caring and generous gifts you can give. It shows you want your loved ones around for the long haul!

Seeing friends and family truly enjoying quality time together during the holiday season brings priceless energy into the gym that immediately brings a smile to my face. We all sure as hell know it’s not always rainbows and unicorns in life (especially during the holidays). But it’s the building each other up, and becoming stronger together despite the chaos, that defines what family is all about. It takes me back to the goal we set when starting this gym— to create a place where all can come together and experience the art of boxing as an outlet to empower each other daily.

The community that we share in this gym is indescribable. Feeling very thankful for each member of our Fight Fit Family. You guys are bringing my dream to a reality!

Wishing everyone a Happy Everything!!


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