Chase Corley

Michael Chase Corley is the Owner and Head Coach of Heritage Muay Thai and is also President of the United States Muaythai Federation! The USMF is the sole National Federation to the International Olympic Committee Recognized IFMA. As a former athlete, he fought on the highest platforms of Muaythai with over 30 professional fights spanning over eight countries. Michael’s most notable accomplishments are competing in the sports mecca, Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, and being one of only 4 Americans to fight in the Toyota Muaythai Marathon Thailand.


Come and Train with me because…..

Head Coach USA Team 2016 World Championships and Pan American Championships. Trained 6 USA Team athletes, 2X IFMA Gold Medal Winner and Current World Champion, and IFMA Pan American Gold Medalist, and many US National Tournament winners.

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